About us

Dafne is a small company created by Emanuela and Yannis, an Italian-Greek couple with an unlimited love for food. It is because of this love that they decided – during one of those long Finnish winter days – to start the Dafne project and to bring to Finland the best that Greece has to offer.

Emanuela and Yannis believe that high quality life and high quality food go hand in hand and that life tastes much better when your daily food is made with the best products.

Coming both from the Mediterranean basin, Emanuela and Yannis love this blessed land so rich of unique raw materials and they cherish its aromas – the whiff of oregano and thyme by the sea, or of wild rosemary growing by the streets – and flavors. Dafne wants to share with you this experience by importing only products of small, local farmers who put environmental sustainability at the heart of their food production. All food products have a clear traceability, drawing a straight line between producer and consumer.  The vast majority of the products are vegan, organic and come with certificates. Welcome to Dafne! 

Our Mission

Dafne Foods is about much more than just selling products. Dafne´s mission is to introduce in the Finnish food market a high quality standard for food products and to establish a new culinary culture in which eating healthy and tasty is not just possible but also easy. High quality raw materials are indispensable for high quality and tasty food. Our scope is to bring the Finnish consumers in direct contact with the Greek producers and their top-range products, which constitute  the essence of the Mediterranean cuisine.


In Greek mythology, Dafne is one of the naiads, a nymph of waters and protector of lakes. She was  transformed into a laurel tree by her father Peneus – god of rivers – to escape from the pressures of Apollo´s sexual desires. Apollo, struck by one of Eros´ arrows, was obsessed with Dafne who kept on denying herself to him. Dafne, who had dedicated herself to perpetual virginity, asked help from her father during a chase in which Apollo was about to reach her.

After the transformation of  Dafne into a laurel tree, Apollo – full with grief –  vowed to honor her forever. That is why laurel wreath are still nowadays a symbol of culture and arts as well as of victory. Moreover, Apollo bestowed immortality and eternal youth to the laurel tree whose leaves are evergreen.

In modern Greek language Dafne (Daphne, Δάφνη) is the laurel tree.