Christmas Hamper

Deluxe Hamper

Deluxe Hamper

Basket 40x7x23
Traditional basket filled with a selection
of Dafne's best products.
It contains one bottle of Thallon - 350ml,
an early harvest, high phenolic, extravirgin
olive oil with a rich, fruity flavour.
This superlative olive oil is cold-extracted
from the Hondrolia olive variety in
Chalkidiki. Thallon olive oil comes with a
health claim certificate from the
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
One jar of organic Cretan mustard,
variety “Vouvras” perfect as a spread for
sandwich or to accompany grilled meats.
One box of Inoni's organic and handpicked
oregano and a package of Citrus'
Tangerine “Loukoumi”, the traditional
Greek candies, 1-star winner of the Great
taste Award 2018.
Price: 45,00
Ioannis Chatzilaris
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"Sweet Tooth" Crate

"Sweet Tooth" Crate

White Pine Wood Crate 26x7x17
A crate full of sweetness!
It includes 1 jar -240gr- of organic aronia
berries and cinnamon jam, one box of
Inonis' organic mountain tea – the most
iconic Greek tea, amazing energizer with
no caffeine; one Citrus' fruit pie from
Chios Island, 2-star winner of the Great
Taste Award (flavours available:
tangerine with sesame or strawberry with
walnuts) and Voskopoula's handmade
Pasteli – the traditional Greek sesame
seeds and honey candy.
Price 26,50
Ioannis Chatzilaris
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Dafne's Jute Bag

Dafne's Jute Bag

Two-window jute bag 15x7x20.
This is the perfect idea for a small yet
gourmet present! Dafne's Jute Bag
contains one 100ml glass bottle of
“Nature Blessed” flavoured olive oil from
Thessaloniki (flavours available :
oregano, rosemary or oregano and chilli)
and the pure sea salt from the natural
reserve of Messolonghi – mill 90gr
(flavours available: pure salt, smoked
paprika, four peppers, five herbs).
Price: 16,50
Ioannis Chatzilaris
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Gourmet Christmas Crate

Gourmet Christmas Crate

White Pine Wood Crate 26x7x17
Elegant wood crane including 1 package
of Velouitinos' natural “giant”olives
(Green, Black or Black oven dried
available); 1 package of traditional
handmade Greek Orzo from “Eirinis”
(flavours available: turmeric, sun dried
tomatoes, cannabis or truffle oil); Inoni's
organic sage (9 bags) and sweet paprika
chutney from Oi Goumenisses.
Price 26,50
Ioannis Chatzilaris
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