Kyklopas EVOO

Kyklopas EVOO

 The Family

Kyklopas is a family owned and operated business that began its course several generations back. Argiris Kelidis has been immersed in the world of olives since being a toddler, side by side with his father and his mother. With this solid foundation and vast inherited knowledge, Argiris and his wife Niki Kelidoy went on to set up their own family mill in 1982. The Kyklopas olive mill is situated in Makri, Northern Greece, among one of the oldest olive groves in the Mediterranean, a stone’s throw away from the cave of Homer’s Cyclops (Kyklopas in Greek) and from the ancient road connecting European Turkey to Rome, Via Egnatia. As a result of their passion and love for what they do together with continuously keeping up to date with the latest developments, today the Kelidi family has 12.000 olive trees and 2.000 organically 

cultivated trees of the local Makri olive variety. They produce Kyklopas Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one of the most highly awarded olive oils in Greece.

The Cultivation

At Kyklopas estates, trees are grown with prudent use of water, fertilisers and herbicides. Every phase of production is managed in such a way as to protect both the environment and the consumer. The olive oil is produced the very same day as harvesting and under optimal conditions (cold extraction below 25 degrees). Immediately after extraction, the oil passes through paper filters in order to retain the oil’s chemical characteristics and natural aromas. The oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks in a cool and dry environment. Lastly, the oil is bottled under hygienic conditions in accordance with ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2015.

The mission

Kyklopas' mission is to continue producing a premium high quality extra virgin olive oil. For years now, the Kelidis' family has been producing and using the best olive oil, and they believe it is worth being on your table too.

The advantage of Kiklopas' extra virgin olive oil is that every single stage of the production process - from cultivating the olive grove, extracting the oil at their own mill to the bottling on their premises - is under the family's supervision. This way they are able to guarantee the consistent quality of our oil.

Kyklopas is sensitive towards the natural environment. The environmental friendly policy towards farming includes the composting of pruned branches rather than burning them. They also preserve the natural greenery and turf of the olive grove. They routinely inspect and examine the fallen leaves to ensure the best quality soil. In terms of oil extraction, liquid waste is collected daily by a biogas electricity plant while the leaves and pruned branches are used to make compost which is then returned to our olive groves. Finally, all of the packaging is made of recyclable materials.