Myrolion Organic EVOO

Myrolion Organic EVOO


The Pagasetic Gulf

Magnesia, Thessaly’s southeastern region, boasts Volos as the biggest city in its prefecture. But the family’s estate is located just outside of Achilleon in a small village that retains the southernmost natural harbor in the Pagasetic Gulf.


Birthplace of Ioanna and a childhood haven for Athanasios, the village is known for its secluded beaches and sweet taverns filled with fresh seafood and curious, warmhearted locals.

On the foot of Mount Othrys and just opposite Mount Pelion, the Myrolion olive groves emulate the intensity of the landscape.

The wetlands of Lichoura preserve the natural biodiversity of its rare herbs and other unique plants, and are located only a few hundred meters away from Myrolion’s olive trees.

The Olive Groves

Myrolion’s olive trees belong to the local Amfissa, or Voliotiki or Pelion, variety.

Trees of this variety can grow tall, over 10 meters, and produce fleshy, round olives, with unique characteristics.


The olive trees enjoy a variety of microclimates thanks to the intense relief of the olive groves. You can find them enjoying the warm sun a few meters from the sea, quenching their thirst on a valley or you could listen to their leaves’ rustling while air passes through our estate’s 350-meter-high hill.


In Myrolion’s estate every generation has left its footprint by planting new olive trees.

As a result the olive trees age from 40 years to over 800 years old. These trees, older than the Greek state, are a living bond have with our distant ancestors.

And we hope our distant descendants will be enjoying the fruit of the olives that Athanasios, Vangelis and Ioanna planted.

In contrast to most modern producers the Myrolion Estate trees enjoy a distance of approximately 9 meters from each other, just as Solon suggested thousands of years ago.

This way, each tree doesn’t need to stress over securing resources from neighboring ones, leading to the production of pure olive fruit, as they don’t need to be over-fertilized with chemicals.


The Olive Oil Experts


She is the female archetype of the Demeslis family. A strong-minded mother and wife whose vision is always one step ahead to prevent flaws and make sure that all follow the day to day plan.


The family’s son is a tireless mind, practically obsessed with quality and exploring different cultures. As the founder of Myrolion, you may find him picking olives, visiting fellow producers and clients abroad, or just answering e-mails, one by one.


He’s Myrolion’s muscle. Having spent more than 20 years of his life as a programmer you would think the transition to olive farming would be tough. Apparently, his tireless labor keeps Myrolion standing.