Luomu Viikunasiirappi

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Fig syrup  is a natural sweetener that is produced from the distillation of dried figs grown in Evia island, Greece. The only added ingredients is water, and a hint of lemon juice. It can be used for cold dishes and salads, or as refreshing mix with yogurt and fruits

You can also drink it without anything else, as it is rich in iron and has antioxidant properties. It can also be added in alcoholic drinks, like liquors, in cold and hot beverages. It can be a superb addition to ice cream, yogurt, salads (green or pasta salads) and it is suggested by chefs for gourmet dishes.

It can be preserved for a long time, even after its opening, it retains many of the nutritional benefits of the dried figs, it strengthens and boosts the organism, with an especially pleasant sweet taste. It doesn't contain an preservatives or colorants.
Produced in Greece by the Moshoutas farms at Kastaniotissa, Evia, Greece

Bottle :250 ml