Sun Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms


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  • Sun Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms


    Dirfi’s high quality Sun Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms  are foraged in the Greek forests and carefully selected on the basis of maturity, size and absence of flaws.  The mushrooms are then  dried naturally in the Greek sun immediately after harvesting to preserve all their natural characteristics and nutrients – a yellow golden colour, a superb flavour and a distinctive pleasant aroma that reminds of apricots. The irtight jar locks in their fruity aroma and delicate flavour. No preservatives. A gourmet delicacy for a foodie. A highly nutritious food for a vegan. Moreoverm it is super easy to use!  Just rehydrate them in lukewarm water for 15 min, drain and they are ready for your recipe. Add them to pasta, risotto, soups, cream sauces, green salads and omelettes.

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  • Sun Dried Mixed Forest Mushrooms


    Dirfi’s Forest Mix includes eight different kinds of dried mushrooms: Porcini, Black Trumpets, Chanterelles, Fairy Ring, Grey Golden Oyster, Shiitake and White Button dried mushrooms. All Dirfi’s mushrooms are handpicked and packaged in Greece and sundried in the Greek sun immediately after harvesting. The  airtight jar locks in wild forest freshness and aroma. Super easy to cook too!  It’s ready in 15 minutes, just soak in lukewarm water!

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  • Sun Dried Porcini Mushrooms


    Premium sun dried wild porcini mushrooms from Greek forests, packed in Greece. The  mushrooms are dried naturally in the sun to preserve the strong forest and hazelnut aromas. The jar contains only dried porcini mushrooms ideal for mushroom risotto, porcini pasta dishes or porcini sauce. 

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  • Sun Dried Shiitake Whole Mushrooms


    Dirfi’s sundried shiitake mushrooms from Greece.  Dried shiitake have an umami flavor that’s even more intense than when fresh!

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