100% Sugarcane Syrup


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  • 100% Sugarcane Syrup


    This is 100% sugarcane extract. A completely natural product, made exclusively from Greek sugarcanes. Genissea women’s cooperative has revived the ancient culture of sugarcane in Thrace.

    It is the only existing sugarcane plantation in Europe, and this product is the result of a manual procedure of collecting the sugarcane and extracting its valuable juice.

    Use it instead of sugar in your sweet creations, mix it with tahini or nut spreads, dilute it in hot water with pepper as a hot beverage, or in a hot tea. It is a strong antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties and rich in protein, calcium and iron.

    Ingredients: 100% Organic Greek Sugarcane

    Weight: 200 g



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  • Ages Organic Premium Early Harvest Extra-virgin Olive Oil 0,5l



    • Centuries-old olive grove with an ideal microclimate.
    • Organic farming with strict application of organic farming standards.
    • Monovarietal / Makri olive variety.
    • Region: Makri, Region of Evros, in the province of Thrace.
    • Early harvest / Cold pressed.
    • Olives harvested by hand.
    • Olives pressed within 90 minutes max. of harvest.
    • Limited production (2019: 1640 bottles).
    • Acidity: very low (<0.3%).
    • Aromatic Notes: banana peel, freshly cut grass, green apple, tomato
    • Taste: sweet, green almond, tomato, black pepper
    • Availability: only in fully opaque 500ml bottles, with flow control.
    • Production: at Kyklopas (Argyris Kelidis) olive mill.


    • Permanent colouring of the bottle in matt.
    • The container (glass bottle), with its curves, distinguished proportions and shape, alludes to older forms, while remaining classic and modern. The chosen colour is a Greek dark blue; classy and timeless with a matt texture that also stimulates the sense of touch, in addition to vision.
    • The main graphic could be none other than a stylized, gold-plated and embossed perennial olive tree from our olive groves – a tribute to this monument of nature.
    • Finally, other details complement the entire image: the seal on the cap that proudly bears the guarantee of quality from Kyklopas, as well as the folded label that adorns the elegant neck of the bottle and tells the story of the product.
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  • Almond Butter


    100% almond butter, from high quality and tasty Greek almonds.

    Natural processed product, without added sugar and preservatives.

    Almond butter contributes to a healthy and balanced diet thanks to its high nutritional value and natural processing.
    It is gluten free.
    Use it for your breakfast, snack, fruit, bread or smoothies. It can also be used as an ingredient for your biscuits, sweets and salads.
    Ideal for vegetarians. Almonds contain components that reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body.

    250 g


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  • Black Garlic Pearls


    By using molecular knowledge we could only create something equally valuable: Black Garlic Pearl!

    With the power of the flavor of molasses and flavors of pine honey in such a small sphere that bursts and fills the palate. With its unique taste and texture (that reminds that of caviar), you can use it for your most exotic and impressive culinary creations!

    80 g

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  • Kyklopas Organic Extra-virgin Olive Oil 500ml


    A single variety extra virgin olive oil produced from Makri olives with a very low acidity . Strict environmental regulations are adhered to throughout the entire production process of this extraordinary extra virgin olive oil. Derived from Kyklopas’ very own olive groves, which are organic certified by the Greek Organization for the Inspection and Certification of Organic Products (DIO), the olives are harvested in mid to late October. The oil is extracted at Kyklopas’ organic certified olive mill the very same day. Characterized by fruitiness of mid to high intensity with enhanced tones of fresh green olive and green banana, artichoke and freshly cut grass.

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  • Natural Garlic Paste


    Ptelea, a village of the Kozani prefecture, also known as “the garlic village” (Skordochori), produces excellent quality garlics.

    The Angelidis family has been involved in garlic farming for 60 years and now with an amazing recipe has also created a Garlic paste ideal for any cooking.

    Pure product that can be used in food instead of garlic, but also as a spread, in dips, for making tzatziki sauce or any kind of recipe you can imagine.

    Without preservatives

    Store in a cool and shady place

    Store in the refrigerator after opening

    1 tea spoon is equivalent to one clove of garlic


    Weight: 130 g

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  • Organic Black Garlic Cloves


    Organic clove of garlic from the famous producers of Evros and organic olive oil of Pelion of Voliotis family. Mating two excellent quality materials are able to lead you to paths that smell… earth.

    The black garlic clove has strong flavors of caramel plum, giving off a natural smoky flavor. When it is dressed with the golden-yellow color and taste of olive oil and two materials become one, then it is a gastronomic feast.
    It can be transformed and combined with a butter until the marinating of a wild hunted on the hull. With organic ketchup as a dipstick for fresh fried potatoes, up to a meal for a barbecue meat. Add anise or some ouzo and serve it with your seafood.
    Cooking does not mean limits and conditions. Dare it!

    80 g

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  • Organic Black Garlic Paste


    Black garlic Paste: natural, with no flavor enhancers

    Black garlic is a completely natural product, using a natural fermentation method that is carried out at high temperatures and high humidity levels for a long time. Garlic sugars and amino acids produce the melanoidins, which are responsible for its black color. S-allyl-cysteine levels in black garlic increase by 4.3 to 6.3 times during the above procedure. Allisin is the most important sulfur compound of garlic which has antimicrobial and antibiotic activity.

    Benefits of Black Garlic
    Improved blood pressure levels of cholesterol and blood circulation, the anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties of garlic, as well as recent studies showing protective action against serious illnesses and Alzheimer’s disease. All above bring Black Garlic to the forefront of healthy way of life and the solutions nature offers for the body.

    The natural fermentation gives the black garlic a velvety, soft texture. A sweet and smoky plum and licorice flavor.
    It is suitable for sauces, pasta or risotto. dressing for salads, special soups, as well as for marinating meat and fish.

    It is a completely natural product without the addition of preservatives and pigments

    80 g


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  • Organic Corinth Currants


    In the legendary region of Nemea, Corinth (Greece) our family first started cultivating vineyards in 1876. Nemea’s unique soil quality and climate, in combination with our continuously growing experience in the viticulture sector, formed the basis upon which our family business has being developed ever since.


    Type: Organic Currants (dried in the shade).

    Differentiation: Natural drying process under sunshades.

    Features: Dark blue/black colour, complete filling, non-changing flesh, authentic flavour and taste of Black Corinthian Raisins without the addition of caramelised sugars.

    Drying duration: 30-60 days, depending on weather conditions.

    Drying process: We place the grapes one by one in handmade sunshades and we let them dry naturally for 20-25 days. Then, we take them down and leave them for 1-2 days under the sun to complete the drying process.

    Raisins’ origin: Private Black Corinth grape vineyards with small organic production.

    Vine Harvest: Once the grapes have reached 15 degrees Baumé (27 degrees Brix) we harvest them around the end of August with great care in order to keep all the grapes intact.


    Weight: 200 g

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