Ages Organic Premium Early Harvest Extra-virgin Olive Oil 0,5l


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  • Ages Organic Premium Early Harvest Extra-virgin Olive Oil 0,5l



    • Centuries-old olive grove with an ideal microclimate.
    • Organic farming with strict application of organic farming standards.
    • Monovarietal / Makri olive variety.
    • Region: Makri, Region of Evros, in the province of Thrace.
    • Early harvest / Cold pressed.
    • Olives harvested by hand.
    • Olives pressed within 90 minutes max. of harvest.
    • Limited production (2019: 1640 bottles).
    • Acidity: very low (<0.3%).
    • Aromatic Notes: banana peel, freshly cut grass, green apple, tomato
    • Taste: sweet, green almond, tomato, black pepper
    • Availability: only in fully opaque 500ml bottles, with flow control.
    • Production: at Kyklopas (Argyris Kelidis) olive mill.


    • Permanent colouring of the bottle in matt.
    • The container (glass bottle), with its curves, distinguished proportions and shape, alludes to older forms, while remaining classic and modern. The chosen colour is a Greek dark blue; classy and timeless with a matt texture that also stimulates the sense of touch, in addition to vision.
    • The main graphic could be none other than a stylized, gold-plated and embossed perennial olive tree from our olive groves – a tribute to this monument of nature.
    • Finally, other details complement the entire image: the seal on the cap that proudly bears the guarantee of quality from Kyklopas, as well as the folded label that adorns the elegant neck of the bottle and tells the story of the product.
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  • Alelma White Alalunga Alonissos Tuna in Water


    The white tuna from Alonissos is a delicacy with increasing popularity all over the world. Fished exclusively in the Aegean Sea near the island of Alonissos from local fishing boats and following strict regulations regarding the fishing and manufacturing process, this premium product has already created a buzz amongst people that appreciate quality. Tuna fish is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals and a very tasty way to maintain a balanced diet. In addition, the presence of the omega 3 protein, which is cholesterol regulator, endows tuna with protective and healing properties. A tuna rich diet helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, contributes to the treatment of arthritis and it is considered essential for the development of children. This white tuna in water is great to have as it is, add it in your green salad or potato salad or use it to create tasty sauce for your pasta.


    White tuna 65%, water 34%, salt


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  • Apricot Jam 220gr


    Oi Goumenisses’ homemade apricot jam contains 72% of fruit and can be used in so many ways! Make a jam sandwich,  use it on top of creamy desserst like ice cream or pannacotta, pair it with some soft cheese or surprise your dear ones with a gin-based cocktail and apricot jam.

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  • Eggplant Salad Dip 250gr


    Melitzanosalata, or Greek Eggplant Dip, is a simple yet tasty dish of roasted eggplant, garlic, oil, and lemon juice.  In this recipe, there are red peppers too. It’s perfect spread on toasted bread, or as party of a larger Greek meze party!

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  • Onion Chutney


    Made by Dimitra’s hands, from Greek greens, fruits and spices, the gourmet onion chutney «Goumenisses» will take you to a new gastronomic journey! Enjoy it together with red meat and poultry, mature yellow or white cheese and spicy cold cuts!

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  • Organic “Karolina” Rice 500gr

    The organic Carolina rice is high in amylopectin (starch), making it the perfect ingredient for a creamy risotto or a rice pudding.

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  • Organic Baby Shiitake Meze


    Dirfi’s Baby Shiitake Meze is made of organically cultivated  shiitake mushrooms fromthe island of Euboea, hand-picked at a very early stage.

    Marinated in a rich fusion of white wine, white vinegar, herbs and spices, this real “meze” is ready for consumption, straight from the jar.  Consume it by itself, or as an excellent appetizer with other vegetables to make a richer salad, in pasta, rice dishes, boiled potatoes and cold dishes.

    No preservatives , no artificial aromas

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  • Organic Black Garlic Cloves


    Organic clove of garlic from the famous producers of Evros and organic olive oil of Pelion of Voliotis family. Mating two excellent quality materials are able to lead you to paths that smell… earth.

    The black garlic clove has strong flavors of caramel plum, giving off a natural smoky flavor. When it is dressed with the golden-yellow color and taste of olive oil and two materials become one, then it is a gastronomic feast.
    It can be transformed and combined with a butter until the marinating of a wild hunted on the hull. With organic ketchup as a dipstick for fresh fried potatoes, up to a meal for a barbecue meat. Add anise or some ouzo and serve it with your seafood.
    Cooking does not mean limits and conditions. Dare it!

    80 g

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