Fig Chutney


A Mediterranean blend!

Deep into this figgy, sweet and intense complex flavor with a spicy finish. Made in the Mediterranean with the best varieties of dried fruit: figs and raisins!

Onion and ginger enhance the flavor, to produce a remarkably versatile complement with thick texture.

An ideal cheese pairing, this product has endless sweet and savory applications.

Gluten free, no artificial color, no pectin, no preservatives.


Weight: 180 g

Product Ingredients

Organic Sundried figs (36%), red wine vinegar (contains sulfites), cassonade sugar, raisins, onions, olive oil, ginger, pepper


A fantastic addition to richly flavored meats, or cured sausages, and absolutely delicious even as burger topping.

You can also use it on grilled cheese, or as a spread to take your grilled sandwich to the next level!

Dilute slightly with water and use to glaze meats & poultry with roasted, sweet potatoes and butternut squash…

Mix it with Greek yogurt to make dips, or whisk into vinaigrette with olive oil and use it as salad dressing!