Fruit Spread Pomegranate


Fruity and savory fruit spreads with no added sugar; Enjoy the flavorful taste of fruits with no regrets since they are 100% fruit sweetened!

The sour-sweet taste of the pomegranade is a great booster in the morning but it can be enjoyed also in the evening on the top of fresh cheese or vanilla ice cream.

Product Ingredients

Pomegranate, concentrated grape juice
Acidifier: Citric acid
No added sugar
Made from 88 gr of fruit for every 100 gr of final product. The total content of sugars is 58 gr per 100 gr of final product.
Keep in fridge after opening, for around 4 weeks.

Nutrition declaration per 100 gr

Energy: 229 Kcl / 1.070 Kj
Fats: 0 gr
Of which saturates: 0 gr
Carbohydrates: 59,3 gr
Sugars: 58 gr
Salt: 0 gr
Proteins: 0,5 gr
Fibres: 2,4 gr
Salt: 0 gr

Additional information

Weight 220 g