Organic dolmas


Marianna’s ntolmadakia (vine leaf wraps with rice and herbs) are the ultimate mezedaki for your friends. They are hand-rolled with tender care at the Kazaki’s family workshop in Nea Gonia, Chalkidiki, Greece, with the family’s Sultana vine leaves and 100% Greek ingredients, with no preservatives or other chemical additives.

Product Ingredients

Marianna’s vine leaves*, rice*, mint*, dill*, parsley*, spring onion*, red onion*, natural lemon juice*, sunflower oil*, salt, pepper*, sugar*
* Organic product

Keep in a cool and dry place. Consume soon after opening.

Product producer

In the beginning…
Our history begins at the end of the ’80s. Marianna Kazakis, a lover of good cooking and traditional flavors, starts packing vineleaves (or grapeleaves) from the vineyards of pappou Thanasis using the pasteurization method taught to her by her own grand-mother in order to preserve spring freshness throughout the winter. Having worked, from a very tender age, in the restaurant of her father, Pangalos Kazakis under the guidance of her Armenian mother, Haiqui, Marianna knows how to prepare a delicious meal and also what great difference good raw materials make.
At the same time, Dimitri Kazakis is becoming more and more involved with his father’s vineyards in Nea Gonia, Halkidiki (Greece), as a means to get away from the frantic rhythms of Thessaloniki. He never stopped working the land, harvesting the family wheat or attending the family’s vineyards. It is also a way to add to the family income, by exporting Victoria grapes to the markets of Western Europe. At around the same period, the couple’s two children, Pangalos and Thanasis, graduate from high-school and begin their studies.
The civil war in Yugoslavia at the beginning of the ’90s results in the loss of the German market for Greek grape producers. As a consequence of the over-supply of grapes in Greece, many viticulturers in Northern Greece decide to abandon their vineyards or turn to the production of wine, instead of table-grapes.
It is at that point that Dimitris and Marianna decide to innovate. The vineyards are converted to Sultanas, because the same plant that produces the world’s finest raisins also gives the best vineleaf.

The incomparable taste of the family’s grapeleaves did not take long to impress friends and relatives. Everybody had a good word to say for “Marianna’s Vineleaves”, as everybody used to call them. The name of the product thus came naturally. On the other hand, it always was and still is very difficult to satisfy the demand for “Marianna’s Vineleaves”: from just 500 jars pasteurized at the family garden in Nea Gonia (1989), today we produce more than 75000 jars.
Pangalos Kazakis, an alumnus of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, continued his studies in horticulture. He became aware of a new means of farming: organic agriculture. Foreseeing the consumers’ turn to more healthy foods and recognising the unique taste offered by organic products, the family decided – once again innovating – to convert all vineyards to organic. The Kazakis Vineyards are probably the first entirely organic vineyards in Greece.
Every year the production grew and the reputation of Marianna’s Vineleaves extended beyond the Greek borders. The first “factory”, our home’s backyard, quickly became a small building in 1996. Soon, this was insufficient too. In 1999 the initial building expanded and in 2003 it expanded some more. Today, production facilities and offices occupy a 2000 sq.m. building at the outskirts of Nea Gonia.
At the same time, the increased production and the demanding markets led us to set up and follow through a rigorous quality assurance system, tailored to our needs: in 2004 we implemented a HACCP system throughout our production processes and in 2008 we installed our purpose-built ERP system according to ISO22000:2005 specification. Needless to say, the company is ISO22000 certified.

…the future
“Marianna’s Vineleaves”, along with the other products of the Kazakis family, are nowadays well known in Greece and are slowly being introduced in other countries, such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan and the USA.
At the same time, we are expanding our brand, to offer to our customers all that is so graciously offered to us by our vineyards. Among other products, we now produce our spring vinetops and our winter tsipouro, along with our May vineleaves and the September petimezi. The list gos on to dark Sultana raisins, fig spread and pumpkin jam.
And we don’t stop here. Our newest product is the deep-frozen Marianna’s Ntolmadakia (or Dolmadakia for some): the hand-made fresh wrapped vineleaf with rice. Our ntolmadakia encrust yiayia Maria’s recipe, along with the ever innovating Marianna’s spirit. Always enforcing the most rigorous hygiene practices.

Additional information

Weight 200 g