Vegetable Soup with Mushrooms from Grevena


Hot rolled soup, excellent choice for detoxification of meat and dairy!

Contains frumenty (trahana) fermented with porcini powder and 100% flour and cereals from Grevena, dehydrated mushrooms, dehydrated vegetables and a mixture of spices.

Each pack contains 5 to 6 portions. For one serving add 4 tablespoons of the mixture, 3 glasses of water, a bit of extra virgin olive oil and it’s ready!

Weight: 400 g


Product Ingredients

73% frumenty (54% wheat flour, 18% wheat semolina, 25% porcini mushrooms in powder, 19% dehydrated vegetables and aromatics (onion, carrot, spinach, parsley, potato puree, wild garlic, wild nettle), 2% cultivated mushrooms agaricon bisporus, mixture spices (carrot, onion, parsley, salt, sugar, turmeric), salt.