Ages Premium Early Harvest Extra-virgin Olive Oil 0,5l


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  • Centuries-old olive grove with an ideal microclimate.

  • Organic farming with strict application of organic farming standards.

  • Monovarietal / Makri olive variety.

  • Region: Makri, Region of Evros, in the province of Thrace.

  • Early harvest / Cold pressed.

  • Olives harvested by hand.

  • Olives pressed within 90 minutes max. of harvest.

  • Limited production (2019: 1640 bottles).

  • Acidity: very low (<0.3%).

  • Aromatic Notes: banana peel, freshly cut grass, green apple, tomato

  • Taste: sweet, green almond, tomato, black pepper

  • Availability: only in fully opaque 500ml bottles, with flow control.

  • Production: at Kyklopas (Argyris Kelidis) olive mill.


  • Permanent colouring of the bottle in matt.

  • The container (glass bottle), with its curves, distinguished proportions and shape, alludes to older forms, while remaining classic and modern. The chosen colour is a Greek dark blue; classy and timeless with a matt texture that also stimulates the sense of touch, in addition to vision.

  • The main graphic could be none other than a stylized, gold-plated and embossed perennial olive tree from our olive groves - a tribute to this monument of nature.

  • Finally, other details complement the entire image: the seal on the cap that proudly bears the guarantee of quality from Kyklopas, as well as the folded label that adorns the elegant neck of the bottle and tells the story of the product.