Beliá Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,5L


An exquisite EVOO from a private olive grove that is situated outside the small village of Mouzaki, in the prefecture of Messinia. This region of Peloponnese, mountainous Messinia, produces some of the finest olive oils in the world.

It is produced exclusively from olives of the Koroneiki olive tree variety, which is considered by many the king of olive oil producing varieties.

  • Monovarietal

  • Single estate

  • Multi-awarded

  • Cold extraction

  • Low acidity, below 0,3%

  • Quality indexes (Peroxide value, K270, K232) far below the limits. This is very important because the lower these indexes are, the better the olive oil is preserved throughout its Best Before date.

  • Health claim according to European Regulation No. 432/ 2012 of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). High phenols content (certified by the Kapodistrian University of Athens), which according to several medical studies are beneficial for the human health and protecting it against many diseases.

  • Rich  aroma  and  a  perfectly  balanced  presence  of  the  bitter  and  pungent  elements.  It  is very important to know that these attributes are being preserved throughout the duration of its storage life.

  • Deep and bright green color.

0,5 Liter can