Breadly Crispy Organic Breadsticks with Kalamata Olives

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The Breadly Crispy breadsticks with Kalamon olives and oregano, contain the most classic Greek taste of the black olive, which is a protected product of designation of origin from the Messinian land.

The most traditional Greek way (bread, oregano, olive) for a healthy snack, which gives you the strength to continue your day with valuable nutrients and unsurpassed taste.

Ingredients: wheat flour *, coconut oil *(11%), concentrated grape juice *, Kalamon olive*(3.7%) coconut sugar *, Messolongi sea salt (2,8%), baking powder *(Organic maize starch*, pure tartar 24.7% tartrate monopotassium, raising agent: Sodium bicarbonate), oregano *.

* Organic Farming.

Joice products are made in Greece with organic raw materials, mainly from domestic producers, without: genetically modified ingredients, plastic and palm oil!