Fleur de Sel - Afrina of Messolonghi

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"Afrina" is the local name for Fleur de sel. It takes its name from the Greek "afros" (αφρός) which means "foam/spume".
It is harvested a few days before the slat dries up completely. At that time, a thin layer of the firstly crystallized salt created at the surface of the salt fields –it is so thin, that is drifted away and dried by the wind. It is harvested exclusively by hand, using special wooden tools by qualified workers and from selected spots of the lagoon; this is a very old technique that few possess.
"Afrina" is the purest form of salt, a premium quality product that is produced only in the salt fields of Messolonghi, a Ramsar and Natura protected lagoon. It's crystals are crispy, aromatic, with special flavor that offers a unique taste.
It is a 100% natural, unrefined, unprocessed product with great nutritional value, as it contains 96 necessary minerals and trace elements in ideal proportions. It's superb for salads, raw food, pastry and as a finishing salt after cooking.


-The production process is certified
- Cleaned and packaged by hand
- It is not heated, whitened or grinded
- It is unrefined. Furthermore, it does not contain hazardous chemical additives (anti-caking, etc.) and preservatives.
- It supplies the organism with 96 essential minerals and trace elements (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, etc.), which are all necessary for our physical and mental health, all in ideal proportions.
- It contains natural iodine, an element with an extremely important biological role in the control of the thyroid function and the mental development of children. In refined and rock salts iodine is added chemically.
- It stabilizes the heart beat and regulates blood pressure – along with water.
- It is necessary for the production of hydroelectric energy in the body cells.
- It strengthens the bones. 20% of the body's salt is in the bones.
- It contains insignificant percentage of insolubles (gypsum, etc.), as opposed to refined salt from saltmines adn rocks.
- It is produced in thge lagoon of Messolonghi, which is protected by the international treaties for the environment Natura and Ramsar.
- It has an intense taste. Use a smaller amount compared to refined salt.