Organic Greek Lavender 30gr

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A particularly aromatic herb, with intense color, fragrance and taste, indigenous to Southern Europe and especially to the Mediterranean countries.

It has multiple uses, since it is used in pharmaceuticals, culinary, hygiene (as a cleaner), decorative, etc. The scientific name of "lavandula" derives from the Latin word "lavare", which means wash/ clean, and refers to its use in baths to clean the body and the spirit since ancient times. The healing properties of lavender are innumerable. It is used for the preparation of beverages, plain or blended with other herbs, and acts as a spasmolytic, antimicrobial, analgesic, stomach soothing, diuretic and is useful to sleep disorders. It is also used as a flavoring, decorating the dishes with its magnificent blossoms at the same time, as a "warrior" of moths in clothing stores -like closets and drawers- and as an air-freshener. Its essential oil is a main ingredient in the perfumery and cosmetics industry, while it is widely used in either a hot bath or massage oil for relaxation of stressed muscles.